Last chance to grab Wine Wanderer for only 99¢! – Ali Parker

Last chance to grab Wine Wanderer for only 99¢!

WOW, you're loving Wine Wanderer! Thank you so much, to everyone who grabbed it. 

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Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"OMG, where do I begin! I absolutely loved this book and couldn't put it down! I love that this book has everything from romance to some suspense, heat and of course the unforgettable characters! I love the story line and the plot twists!!! I would recommend this book to other readers!!!"


"Johnnie and Louisa’s chemistry is off the charts! Pair a bad boy, saloon owning biker to the preacher’s daughter who has a hidden personality and you are bound to have a hilarious and sexy story! Add in a match making mother, diva country star and secretive new-to-town people and it’s an even better story!"

"I loved Johnnie and Louisa’s story. Their chemistry is scorching hot. It’s a bad boy/good girl plot that’s so entertaining and fun to read. I enjoyed the plot twists, mystery and humor. It’s a very well developed read."