Wicked Hot Love Affair Cover Reveal… – Ali Parker

Wicked Hot Love Affair Cover Reveal…

The Bancroft Brother's are back, this time with the youngest in the family. James is ready to find love, but when his mom falls ill, he steps up to the plate. But his mother's beautiful nurse is turning his head.


I’m usually the good guy, but with a hot nurse in the house, all bets are off.

Being the youngest of the Bancroft Billionaire Boys, you’d think I’d be the wildest.

But I got the responsible gene somehow.

And our mother is sick and needs help.

I’m up for the job. She’s my world.

The best thing I can do for her is to bring in an expert to help her get well fast.

Enter the hot nurse.

I’m pretty sure it’s a sin to want to do the things I want to do to her, but giving that she’s willing, my conscience is clear.

My mom confides in the beauty about some family news that is likely to rock my inheritance.

Unfortunately, I failed to include the part that it was to be kept secret.

The bomb she drops casually leaves both of us spinning, and my brothers? They reject her immediately.

Looks like I get to fight several battles but the top one being for my girl.

She’s worth it. Never have I ever had such a wicked hot love affair.

And I’m not giving up that easily.