Unwrap The Truth is LIVE! – Ali Parker

Unwrap The Truth is LIVE!

No way this is happening to me. 

After my father asked me to take his place as the king of Qatar, I was positive that it wouldn’t be my future. I had a business, one that needed my attention and one that I worked hard to build to this point.

My father is not well, and his request for me to take the throne is more than just him wanting to retire. When Sophia returns, she is what I needed to make everything feel better.

My mother is pushing me to stay away from Sophia, and she isn’t trying to be coy about it. This new twist in my decision to take the crown puts me in a predicament, and I feel I have no choice, but I would never put the woman I love in the same position.

I would give up anything for her happiness.

Even if it means being alone.

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