Regal Rights- Unwind My Resolve – Ali Parker

Unwind My Resolve

Everything I do matters - too much.

As the new king of Qatar, my decisions affect more than just me. They affect the entire country. 

These people have raised me and given me a home. It is my duty to take care of these people the way they have taken care of me. 

When Sophia comes back and shows me that love doesn’t give up, I am faced with the biggest decision so far. 

If I choose Sophia, I will disgrace my mother, my country, and my father by not making my queen of Qatar descent. I will be forced out of my throne, and my brother will be pushed into a position that is not suited for an eleven-year-old. 

I can’t lose her again, and if my father has taught me anything, it is that sometimes the hardest decisions make you the man that you need to be. 

I’ve made my choice.