Castaletta- Tipping Point – Ali Parker

Tipping Point

One decision can change everything.

Marco’s fled the scene at the Castaletta house, and in his absence, he’s left everyone emotionally fucked.

Not knowing who he can trust, Demetri does the only thing he knows to do, he calls his brother back to the syndicate and turns his back on the only woman who’s ever owned his broken heart. 

On top of it all, Don Joe Castaletta is interested in a new venture for the crew – nightclubs.

While trying to rebuild the narcotics syndicate and work on this new business, Demetri is stretched paper thin. He yearns for a future that doesn’t exist, no matter how hard he tries to envision it. All is lost and nothing will ever be the same again. 

With threats all around and a lack of trust in the people he’s invested himself in, his back is against the wall and alone he stands. 

There is only so much one man can endure.

The Tipping Point.

This is book 4 in a four part series.