This Guy? Cover Reveal… – Ali Parker

This Guy? Cover Reveal…

I'm thrilled to share the cover reveal for my next book in a brand new series. This Guy? is coming soon!


When my roommate comes home in tears, burned by another guy who thought he could lead her on only to ditch her, it’s the last straw.

I’m sick of seeing her hurt, and it’s time I make this jerk pay. I’m too busy to play games or date. Selling my candle company and getting ready to travel takes up all my time. 

But this revenge plot is too good to pass up on. I’ll make this chump fall in love with me and break his heart. Let’s see how he likes a taste of his own medicine.

But it’s not easy. He’s not that bad and definitely easy on the eyes. 

And the way he makes me laugh and kisses me so sweet… It’s tricky to remember that I’m only supposed to be stringing him along. 

And I do. 

He’s so enamored with me that he takes me on a whirlwind romantic trip.

Before I can fall any further, I leave him stone-cold. 

Serving revenge doesn’t feel so great after all, but once it’s done, 

I’ll be free to sell my company and see the world. All I have to do is meet the buyer, the wealthy businessman I’ll hand my company over to as I agree to show him the ropes for the first year.

Imagine my surprise—and lousy luck—when I walk in to find none other than the sexy man whose heart I just left in tatters.