The Parkers’ Fall in Love Boxed Set is coming soon! – Ali Parker

The Parkers’ Fall in Love Boxed Set is coming soon!

Our next boxed set is coming soon! Fall in love again with the Parkers’ Box Set. Enemies to Lovers. Hot Bosses. High School Flames. Halloween Happy Ever Afters. Kings of Halloween.


Six Parker-Family Books for your reading pleasure!

Need You Now

The most beautiful girl in the world, and she’s fiery mad at me.

It’s not really my fault. I’m a reporter. Digging up stories is my job.

Never in a million years did I expect my latest piece to create an enemy out of the one woman I’d give anything to date.

She might be appeasing me to keep her story safe, but I’m on the hunt for far more than a headline.

I need her now. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.



Follow You Anywhere

My new boss is so hot, it hurts.

I needed a job, but working as this guy’s personal assistant is going to get me into trouble.

I’ve never in my life given in to a man the way I want to give in to him.

And the fact that he’s a single father scares me and draws me in deeper.

With the holidays approaching, I’m trying hard to focus on the good things in life, but something is missing in mine.

A guy. One just like him.

He’s good with lust, but love requires an act of trust.

And that’s the one thing he can’t imagine doing again.

Not until me.



Fall for Me Again 

Love isn’t something I deserve. Not after everything I’ve done.

None of the women in my life were there for the right reasons.

And yet, fate has a way of messing with a fellow.

As CEO of my father’s billion-dollar publishing firm, I’m always looking for great writers, and a new one just showed up.

My high-school fling.

It’s the holiday season, and I have one wish.

To find the right woman for me and my son to spend our lives with.

Now I just need to convince her to fall for me again.



All About the Treats

I’m known for my treats.

A billionaire bachelor with a world-wide candy company.

And I’m good being single. Life is too short to fall in love.

Until her. A curvy, brilliant, out-of-the-box single mom who’s changing the world one Halloween at a time.

Her Halloweenfest event is stealing the world stage each October.

Only one issue—her not telling me right away that she’s pregnant… with our kid.



Pick Me, Handsome 

It’s all about the money.

Maybe for some, but I’m not interested.

I’d rather work with my hands than spend the billions my father left behind.

The only thing that interests me is the apple orchard he left me. The old thing needs work, and I plan to make it beyond successful.

What I didn’t expect to find between the rows of juicy red apples was a yearning for more.

A beautiful single-mom teacher shows up to take her kiddos on a tour of the orchard and I feel things I haven’t felt in a long time.




Rich Fake Witch 

The King of Halloween needs a fake date and this girl needs to be a true witch.

He’s willing to pay the big bucks for my high-end escort services.

If the boy needs a monster to prance around his annual Halloween Crawl of Horrors experience, then I’m his ghoul.

The only real problem is that I’m terrified of things that go bump in the night.

Halloween is NOT my holiday.

He might be looking for a rich fake witch, but I’m starting to feel forever.

Maybe I’ll just put a spell on him. ‘Cause then he’s mine, right?