Dawson Brothers Series – Ali Parker

Always On My Mind  #1

David Dawson is the oldest brother of the rowdy Dawson boys, and the one his father depends on most to help run the family farm. Unfortunately, he’s far more interested in playing music than baling hay. He plays at the local bar and gets lucky one night.

A beautiful talent agents happens to be passing through the city and she’s desperate to find talent. Lucky, lucky girl. In more ways than one.

Wild As The Wind #2

Ted Dawson is the second to oldest brother of the rowdy Dawson boys. With his oldest brother gone to Tennessee in search of fame on a stage of lights, Ted’s forced to step up and help his aging father run the farm.

He needs help, and gets it from the least likely place – a pretty little country girl from his past. The one that stole his heart when he was just a boy. The one that got away…

He won’t be making that mistake again.

Mine Would Be You #3

I’m as bad as they come, but I’m trying to right my wrongs.

Sort of. 

The right woman comes along, and I’m willing to bend my new rules, to go back to taking what I want from life without apology. And lucky me, she just showed up. 

Sexy. Strong. Demanding little tart. 

Never in a million years had I expected to play the good guy, but something about Abi has me tripping over my damn self, trying to help her out. 

Her granddaddy’s ranch is going under, and the pretty thing showed up, trying to save it. 

Crazy enough, she doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing, but I do. 

Time to step up to the plate and help the doll out–out of her big city dress. 

She might be looking for help in all the wrong places, but I’m just looking to make her mine. 

One night at a time.

Don't Close Your Eyes #4

I’m a country boy. We get messy for fun.

The good times are over, though. Hard work, long days, and the heat of the sun have calloused my hands and my heart. 

My brother split, and my folks headed out for a trip, leaving me and my pup to manage the ranch. 

Between family coming to help, training the new guys, and dealing with a sexy little dog trainer my Pa hired, I’m going nuts.

I need to focus on the crops for next year, but the only thing on my mind is her. 

She’s everything I want in my life, but love is complicated. 

Any man would love to have this loudmouth, sexy little tart.

Especially me. 

I could use a safe place to land, but her daddy ain’t too keen on my father. 

There’s bad blood between our families. 

But that’s our fathers’ beef. Not ours. 

Regardless of why she’s here, this girl is after my heart, and she’s not shy about it. 

Time to show her who’s in charge of the ranch and her. 

I am, and I’ll always be.

Stand By Your Man #5

Me and my brothers have a reputation around town.

And it ain’t a good one. 

We’re not so bad, though. Working hard for our father’s ranch by day and chasing skirts by night. 

It’s what Texas cowboys do. 

But someone is trying to mess with our crops, and when I find him, he’s gonna wish I hadn’t. 

We need help, and as always, help arrives. This time in the form of a sexy strut and a sweet, innocent attitude. 

A beautifully uptight college research assistant is the last thing I need but the first thing I’ll take.

And she wants to keep things hot and casual while we figure things out.

Feels like a win-win to me. 

Long nights with nothing but her boots on and up in the air. That’s what I’m talking about. 

But things change. For me. 

Never have I thought of myself as a romantic, but this nerdy girl from town has my blood pumping and heart racing. 

Maybe it’s not just lust. Lucky thing.

Walk The Line  #6

I had never been called ma’am before, but it was endearing.

He held out his large hand. I placed mine in his and immediately felt calluses. 

Yes, he was a cowboy. 

He helped me down off the table, putting his other hand on my waist. 

I immediately felt the warm rush of heat generate through my body. 

This cowboy had me feeling a bit flustered already. He was just so damn sexy.

He grinned at me as he led me out onto the dance floor. That sideways grin was very devious and yet charming. I was intrigued.

Connor Dawson was not looking forward to helping his sister redecorate the Dawson ranch home. 

He did not want to be in charge of this project. But he wasn’t expecting the interior designer to light a fire in him that he could not put out. 

Lydia Myers was looking for a project that would break her out of the monotony of decorating business offices in the city, so when she got a call to do a country home, her excitement escalated. But she wasn’t prepared to work alongside such a frustratingly handsome cowboy. 

If only her past would let her enjoy her future.

I Hope You Dance  #7

I let my true love slip through my fingers.

And she went on to live an interesting life without me. 

But she’s back in town, and my second chance is now. 

I won’t make the same mistake twice. This country boy ain’t stupid.

Losing this girl is the only thing I regret from my past, and now there’s more of her to love.

She’s got a little girl. 

Unfortunately, the last few years in an abusive marriage have her shying away from me, but I’m not giving up or giving in. 

This girl has a future—in my arms. 

There’s only one dance partner I want in life. 


The Thunder Rolls  #8

She's far too old for me, but age is just a number. 
 Crazily enough, I've loved her since I was a little boy. 
But I'm not little anymore. 
And she's a widow now. 
No way in hell I'm letting this chance go by now that I'm in her hometown. 
I don't give a damn what people say. 
The biggest struggle is to get this beautiful woman to see me as more than a rowdy Dawson boy. 
I've got more to offer her than any man she might find. 
Prying my way into her life isn't going to be easy, but it'll be more than worth it. 
My heart is already hers. Time to add in my future, my money, and my body. 
Hope she's willing to light up the night with me. 
'Cause there's a storm rolling in.