The Business of Love is back! – Ali Parker

The Business of Love is back!

I'm so excited to share that The Business of Love is back! Check out the cover reveal for Fixing The Future.


Fixing love is my business, but having love? Not a chance.

Being a relationship counselor gives me very little hope that if these people can’t figure it out, I sure as heck can’t. 

So instead of working on my own love life, I help conflicted lovers, lost lovers, and crazy ex-lovers find love again. 

But finding love is like digging a see-through needle out of a haystack. 

And there’s a hiccup I’ve not run across before though. 

And my number one rule is about to be destroyed. I can just sense it. 

No dating clients. Period. 

But my latest customer is a mystery. He refuses to turn on his webcam during our sessions. 

He blames it on being famous. Something about him makes me want to know more. Lots more. 

I get my chance when he sends me a message after one of our sessions to fly out and meet him in Nashville. I can’t say no.

The catch?

He didn’t send the message.

The silver lining?

Going might be just what fixes my own future for good.

Look out love… here I come.