Teaser Time….. Sneak Peek – Ali Parker

Teaser Time….. Sneak Peek

Release Date: April


“Did you see the news?” Lizzy asked.

“You mean the media’s attempt at getting a rise out of us? That shitstorm? Yeah, I saw it. Why not just sing ha-ha-haha-ha and really rub it in? The killer isn’t going to be happy about that one.”

Lizzy huffed. “Right, but my point is that they’re so sure that the killer missed out on this victim, but they don’t even know the killer’s agenda.”

Darek shrugged. “To kill?”

“You think it’s that simple, don’t you? Meanwhile, my theory is that the killer has been toying with these men, making them do things. I still think that Tad was guilty, and I still think that Logan was guilty, too.”

“But Logan was in prison when Hannah was killed, and according to Hannah, he was busy with her the night Lidia was murdered.”

“Maybe she was covering up for him about the Lidia thing? Think about it. The killings are starting to lose their signature. It’s because we’re dealing with more than one killer, and I’d say whoever these people are, they are part of some kind of cult or club. That’s why they have the symbols. They kill, and then they become a victim. Maybe Logan felt safer in prison because he knew someone would come for him. Not a killer, but this cult. Either way, I think we’ve got our men on at least a few of these cases, and we’re looking at one of them.” She gestured toward Logan with her chin.

“So, what about Hannah?”

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