Teaser Time! One More Night! – Ali Parker

Teaser Time! One More Night!


Hell, that actually wasn’t a half bad idea. It’d been a couple of days since Melanie or Madison or whatever, and we’d been so busy recording that I hadn’t had time to hook up with anyone.

Crossing the hall to get to them, I gave Blondie a long onceover, and my cock stirred in my jeans. She was even hotter up close. Her body was slim and petite, clad in a professional-looking, black pencil skirt and fitted top that didn’t show any cleavage, but hinted at a decent pair of tits beneath it.

It wasn’t a stretch to imagine fucking her wearing only her sky-high heels while her crystal blue eyes clouded over with pleasure and she begged me to take her harder. With that in mind, I flashed that grin—the one that almost always worked—hooked my thumbs into the pockets of my jeans, and cocked my head. “Hey there, beautiful. How would you like to go have some coffee with me?”

Her eyes narrowed a bit at my invitation, which confused me since I wasn’t used to that kind of reaction from women, especially not with that smile on my lips. She stuck out a tiny hand in my direction and spoke in what I assumed was supposed to be an authoritative tone. It was actually kind of cute. “My name is Alicia Diamond, not beautiful. I’m your new public relations agent. It’s nice to meet you, Jared.”

Staring at her hand for a second, I raised mine to meet it, and my dick twitched at the feel of her soft palm against mine. It was an interesting juxtaposition to her firm grip. If there was a chance she gave hand jobs like she shook hands, I was definitely interested in signing up for an exploratory mission.

“Nice to meet you, Alicia.” Her name rolled off my tongue smoothly. Turning my eyes to Gerry—although they left Alicia’s face reluctantly—I asked, “What happened to Brad?”

Gerry sighed and shook his head slightly. “He retired, Jared. We told you he’d be gone after the tour wrapped.”

“Of course. Now I remember.” I didn’t.

We’d been drinking pretty heavily most nights after our shows on that last tour, and they must have told us during one of those times. Since none of the others had mentioned Brad’s retirement, I thought it was safe to assume that they didn’t remember, either.

The fact that she technically worked for us didn’t deter me. Instead, I squeezed her hand one last time before letting it go, having already held onto it for a second too long. I didn’t miss the flash of heat in her eyes when I did it. “So now that we’ve been introduced, what do you say we go get that coffee?”

Release Date: Jan 23rd