Teaser Time! HOT STUFF! – Ali Parker

Teaser Time! HOT STUFF!

Release Date: Jan 16th


Her hair swept down her back as she turned and saw me. She was every bit the girl I used to know, but her curves were going to take some control on my part. They had my eyes roaming every peak and valley, and it was awfully hard to look at her and not think of a million things I’d love to do to her. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Noah’s fist coming at me, but instead, I saw the things I’d dreamt of nights before: her on her back, panting and speaking my name as I drove into her.

She crossed the lobby, and I met her halfway and offered her my arm. “You look incredible,” she said, looking me up and down.

“You look amazing.” I let my eyes drift a little too long on her cleavage, and she giggled, lifting my chin.

“Eyes up here, Mr. Riley.” She took the coat from her arms and shrugged it on.

“For the record, the ‘Mr. Riley’ thing is not helping me to behave.” That earned me a soft laugh and a nudge as I walked her out to the car.

“Where’s your truck?” She looked around the parking lot as I approached the Charger, hit the locks, and opened her door.

“I thought you’d prefer the car. I use the truck for work and rescues.” I winked.

She slid into the seat and looked up at me. “Thanks again for coming to save me. No telling when that tow truck would have arrived.”

“You’d still be waiting with icicles in your hair. It looks lovely tonight, by the way. I’ve always liked it long.” I shut her door and walked around the car.

When I settled into the seat beside her, she gave me a sideward glance. “Oh, you have, have you? I didn’t know you had a preference for my hair.”

“Well, I have known you a long time. Remember when you got that bob in middle school?” I laughed as she covered her face. I started the car as she laughed out loud.

“Oh, come on, like you didn’t have some awful hair? I remember you and Noah having that long, grungy hair.”

“It was grunge, and it was because we listened to some kick-ass grunge music. Don’t hate. You went through that Spice Girls phase.”

“Don’t remind me.”

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