Tease from Four Times THE PLEASURE! – Ali Parker

Tease from Four Times THE PLEASURE!


I pushed away my plate, feeling Gage’s legs intertwined with mine under the table. I could try and find a way out of here, but I wanted it now. I sipped my wine and stared at him with a sultry smile on my face. I knew the cameras were close, so I leaned in and told him that I was going to use the restroom. I whispered that he should join me before I stood and made my way across the room. I could feel his eyes on me and it was all that mattered to me in this moment.

I looked behind me to see Gage headed my way and walked into the bathroom, looking around the small space. It was risky, but the door locked, and we could have some fucking privacy. The door opened, and Gage walked in and looked down before he locked it behind him. “Why did you call me back here, Miss Dalton?”

“Shut up,” I murmured before kissing him hungrily…

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