Castaletta- Take Me Higher – Ali Parker

​Take Me Higher

Don't Blink... You Might Miss Something. 

Joe Castaletta has been running the underbelly of Chicago for decades, but it's now time to turn over the keys to the kingdom. His right-hand man, Demetri DeMarco, is more than ready to race forward into a new way of doing old school. With Joe's sexy daughter as Demetri's enforcer and a gang of mobsters to keep things running smoothly, he's confident, collected and a bastard and a half.

The only thing that's just out of his reach is the one thing he wants most... Izabella.

*This is book 1 in the Castaletta Series. A cliffhanger is inevitable, though each book is intended to focus on a different part of the Castaletta syndicate structure.