Such a Parker Christmas Box Set Cover Reveal – Ali Parker

Such a Parker Christmas Box Set Cover Reveal


Three Christmas in July romances for your reading pleasure…

Such a Sunny Christmas (The Parkers’ Christmas in July Book 1)

I invest in businesses, not women.

My silver tongue gets me what I want, and my last name seals the deal.

My current fixation?

A ski lodge on the brink.

It’s a big undertaking, but I’m up for the challenge.

And the reward.

The curvy young owner has me questioning my own commitment.

Is she worth giving it all up?

Or is she just a distraction on the path to more millions?

Either way, she’s making me sweat despite the Christmas chill.

I’m ready to burn.

So long as she’s striking the match.

Such a Snowy Christmas (The Parkers’ Christmas in July Book 2)

Some might say I’d give the Grinch a run for his money. And they’d be right.

But this hot little number thinks she can soften me.

Not a chance. I won’t bend for anything or anyone.

My past made me this way and I’m good with it.

Then I start to feel love seeping in.

Maybe there’s a way to save myself.

Besides, she doesn’t want to ruin her reputation or risk her career.

Another man might not have dared her to.

But how can I resist those legs in high heels? Or her warm, welcoming heart?

I can’t.

Maybe something besides the snow is melting.

‘Tis the season, after all.

Such a Hot Christmas (The Parkers’ Christmas in July Book 3) 

What’s worse than getting divorced?

Going to your ex-wife’s wedding—alone.

I need more than just a fake date on my arm.

I need her.

She’s an itch I can’t scratch.

This whole thing started without expectations.

She’s my daughter’s teacher, after all.

Hands. Off.

But it’s Christmas.

And the only gift I’m hoping for is more time with her.

It might be snowing in other parts of the world, but here, it’s going to be such a hotChristmas.

Note to the reader: The Parkers’ Christmas in July Series is about three sisters that find love during the holiday season. We Parkers decided to write a connected trilogy (Ali, Jacob, & Weston), so we hope you love it!