Stand By Your Man is Coming Soon! – Ali Parker

Stand By Your Man is Coming Soon!

Release Date: September 13th!

Me and my brothers have a reputation around town.

And it ain’t a good one.

We’re not so bad, though. Working hard for our father’s ranch by day and chasing skirts by night.

It’s what Texas cowboys do.

But someone is trying to f*ck with our crops, and when I find him, he’s gonna wish I hadn’t.

We need help, and as always, help arrives. This time in the form of a sexy strut and a sweet, innocent attitude.

A beautifully uptight college research assistant is the last thing I need but the first thing I’ll take.

And she wants to keep things hot and casual while we figure things out.

Feels like a win-win to me.

Long nights with nothing but her boots on and up in the air. That’s what I’m talking about.

But things change. For me.

Never have I thought of myself as a romantic, but this nerdy girl from town has my blood pumping and heart racing.

Maybe it’s not just lust. Lucky thing.