Sneak Peek of My First Love by Weston Parker! – Ali Parker

Sneak Peek of My First Love by Weston Parker!

Release Date: March 20th


My heart stopped as Emmett walked into the room, looking more handsome than I’d ever seen him. When he left, he’d looked so much different. Where he once had a baby face, now he was all strong angles and muscle. He looked so much different, but then the same, and as he walked up to me, he smelled fresh and clean.

“Autumn?” His voice broke on my name, and I smiled as tears formed in my eyes. It had indeed been too long.

“Yeah, of course, it’s me. I saw your picture in the paper.”

“Are you kidding me? In the paper?”

“Yes, it was your military picture. It was really nice. It said you’ve been in a coma.” I wasn’t sure if I had read all of that right because I’d been too busy staring at his image and thinking of all the ways I was angry with him and all the reasons it wouldn’t change the fact that he was always someone special to me.

“For two weeks, actually.”

“I just had to come and see you. I know it’s been a long time, and you’ve probably gotten married and all of that, and while I mean no imposition, I just—”

He shook his head and held out his hand for a hug. “I’m not married.”

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