Sneak Peek of Cold Heart! – Ali Parker

Sneak Peek of Cold Heart!

Release Date: August 7th


I looked at Kevin and raised an eyebrow. It was definitely not the type of restaurant I was used to eating in.

He shrugged and headed for an empty booth, sliding in one side while I waited for Abby to get settled. I sat down beside her and looked around the restaurant. It was clean and had that country feel to it with various pictures of the town history posted on the walls. I stared out the window, watching people park their cars and walk into the various shops along the street. Some of them waved to one another or stopped to have a quick conversation, truly living up to the small-town reputation. It gave me hope that I could blend in, assuming no one asked a lot of questions about who I was or where I’d been.

“Hi!” a familiar voice cut into my people watching.

My head whipped around, and I found myself staring into those green eyes that had haunted my dreams last night. My stunning neighbor was handing me a menu, sexy as hell without even trying. Although I had only caught a glimpse of her on my doorstep last night, I hadn’t been able to get her out of my mind. She was the kind of woman I was drawn to. I couldn’t stand the ones who wore makeup to the point that you wouldn’t recognize them without it, and a regime that took hours in front of a mirror and a hefty budget for cosmetics.

“Hi,” I stammered, for lack of anything better to say.

She smiled at me before turning her attention to Abby.

“Hi, Abby,” she greeted my daughter.

I was impressed that she remembered Abby’s name, because I couldn’t remember hers. Hell, after looking at her perfect breasts showcased in a tiny white t-shirt, I couldn’t remember my own name. I felt Kevin’s shoe connect with my shin and turned to glare at him.

Realizing I’d been staring at the woman’s breasts, I looked away. I couldn’t help it though, they were gorgeous, right at eye level, and oh so perfectly round.

“Hi,” Kevin said. “What’s good, Jenna?” he asked, with a lazy smile.