Sneak Peek of Billion Dollar Man! – Ali Parker

Sneak Peek of Billion Dollar Man!


The moment Mila stepped out of her apartment building door after I buzzed up to let her know I was waiting for her, I knew I was wrong. This wouldn’t be like old times, hanging out with nothing between us.

I wasn’t the same person I had been back then. I had learned a lot about who I was and about the life I wanted to live. I had more money in the bank than I ever dreamed of having, and I knew where I was headed.

Mila had changed even more. She had grown up. Gone was the high school girl who used to tag along when Jerrod and I would go somewhere under-twenty-ones were allowed. In her place was a mature, confident young woman.

And my god, she was beautiful. Every time I saw her, I was stunned by how much more beautiful she was than I could imagine. She had an elegance about her that I hadn’t noticed before. Maybe it was something that had come with her maturity. Or maybe, now that she was at an age where I could see her as a dating prospect, I looked at her differently.

Her shoulder-length brown hair was pulled back in a short ponytail which made her big brown eyes stand out. They were hazel, changing color with what she wore. Today, she wore a mint-colored tank top with jeans, and her eyes looked almost green. Her jeans were tight enough that they looked painted on, and she wore ballet flats with it.

“You look beautiful,” I said when I hugged her.

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