Sneak Peek of Always On My Mind! – Ali Parker

Sneak Peek of Always On My Mind!

Release Date Jan. 9th


I pulled my horse to a stop and turned to stare at her. She was doing her teetering, wiggly walk up to me, holding her hands up at shoulder level and looking down at her feet as if she was worried she would sink completely into the ground and disappear at any second. This was definitely not a girl who had grown up near fields and ranch hands.

“I didn’t realize they made girls as small as you.”

She wrinkled her nose at me and seemed to pull herself up trying to make herself taller.

“Not funny. I’m petite. So what? I pack a punch, so watch yourself, cowboy.”

“Why is that a complete turn on?” I asked, trying not to laugh at her idle threats.

She gave a sigh that would have made my mother proud and shook her head. “Be serious, please. I just want to talk to you for a few minutes.”

The more exasperated she got, the more adorable she was, but that wasn’t enough to convince me about the whole agent thing. Agents, especially beautiful female ones, didn’t just show up in my town. I would have ventured to say that there weren’t even any agents, beautiful women or otherwise, who would even know how to get here or that it was even a place. I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but whatever it was, I wasn’t going to make it easy on her.

“Like I said, I have a lot of work I’ve got to get done. I’m happy to talk with you, but you’re going to have to come along with me.”

I prodded my horse into a walk and Sarah started her wiggle, speeding up to try to keep pace with me.

She seemed to be getting a bit more accustomed to the ground and didn’t look quite as out of  control as she moved, but that meant that I didn’t get to enjoy as much of her hips swaying beneath her skirt and her breasts bouncing in that prim little suit jacket. I stopped at the next feeding point and hopped down. Grabbing on to one of the bales of hay, I lifted it up to my chest. Her eyes widened slightly and a smile came to my lips.

Tossing the bale over the fence, I turned around to grab another one and found her latched to the twine bindings of one, pulling with everything she had in her to try to lift it out of place.

“Sarah,” I said, but she didn’t stop. “Sarah.” I raised my voice a little louder and she yanked harder, “Sarah!”

My last shout corresponded with her losing her grip and falling backwards onto her sweet little ass with several pieces of hay clutched firmly in each hand.

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