Sneak Peek! Axel: Lost Breed MC Series #2 – Ali Parker

Sneak Peek! Axel: Lost Breed MC Series #2

Release Date: March 6th


I tightened the knot of my tie at my throat and looked at my reflection. The black suit was a stark contrast to the usual blue jeans and oil-stained T-shirt I always wore. My scruff had been trimmed and tamed. I looked like a gentleman.

I wasn’t sure if I liked it.

More than that, I wasn’t sure if Ellie would like it.

I scoffed at myself and shook my head. A thought like that would never have occurred to me a few years ago. I also wouldn’t be caught dead in a suit a few years ago. This was a night of firsts for me, apparently.

After I stepped into my shoes, the buzzer at the front door went off, and I hurried to let Ellie through the gate. She had arrived at exactly seven o’clock. I peered out the window beside the front door to watch a car drive up.

When Ellie got out of the car, my heart stopped.

She stepped out, one long leg after another, and then closed the door behind her. She was wearing a dark dress that revealed a lot of chest with a wide neckline. The sleeves were long and tight, and the dress sort of puffed out at her waist. Not only was Ellie wearing a dress, but she was also wearing heels.

When my tongue finally came unstuck from the roof of my mouth, I opened my front door. Ellie continued walking up the drive, her heels clicking in a steady rhythm as she walked toward me.

Dangly earrings glittered in her ears and winked behind loose strands of blond curls that tumbled around her face. The rest of her hair was drawn up in a soft tumble of curls, and I was overwhelmed with the urge to bury my hand in her hair and pull it all loose.

That urge led to other urges.

Like fucking her while she wore that damn dress.

When she was close enough to me, she stopped. She looked up at me in the doorway and smiled. She was wearing red lipstick, and her eyes looked somehow bluer. I realized I had never seen her in makeup before. Her gaze was intense and framed with black shadow and liner. She looked like she belonged on a movie set.

She did not look like my Ellie.

“You clean up nice,” she said, moving her hand up and down as she gestured at the suit. “I always wondered if you owned anything besides jeans and old T-shirts.”

“I often wondered the same thing about you,” I said, closing the front door and locking it behind me. Then, I turned back to her and joined her on the driveway. “You look beautiful.”

She smiled and looked down at our feet. “Thank you.”

“Come on, I’ll drive.”

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