Slow & Steady is LIVE! – Ali Parker

Slow & Steady is LIVE!

A small town can hide many secrets. It can also expose every secret you have.

Serve & protect, that’s my life. I put my life on the line time and time again as a police officer. In days gone by, I held my head high in Cypress Creek.

Until my family got caught in the riptide of scandal created by my father. No matter what, I still can’t believe he’s guilty.

Niki Holmes never caught my attention before. She’s a librarian—smart and so quiet, she stays off my radar. The moment I take one look in her eyes, I’m lost. She calls to me on every level.

She’s also pure as the driven snow. My life is way too dark and twisted, yet she’s the light in my darkness. 

By chance, she lands in the crosshairs of the investigation swirling around me. I’ll do anything to keep her safe, anything to make her mine.

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  • Chrisy says:

    It’s killing me that I can’t get Slow & Steady #2 & #3!!! I always get books through Amazon Kindle. Google Play tells me they aren’t available in this country. #sadandfrustrated

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