Six Times THE ECSTASY Coming Soon! – Ali Parker

Six Times THE ECSTASY Coming Soon!

Release Date Nov. 29

In Boulder, Colorado, there lives a young, fledgling businesswoman named Sarah Adams. Sarah wants to build a career in something out-of-the-ordinary: A sex club made for the wealthiest in the Midwest.

Sarah has not been interested in a serious romantic relationship for a few years now – ever since she was cheated on by her boyfriend of six years. Since the breakup, she’s partaken in casual flings that don’t mean a thing. Casual is about to take a backseat once she begins hiring for her up-and-coming location.

While on the hunt for “cock-tail waiters,” Sarah narrows down her search from a lineup of sexy, strong men to a select group. In this group, there’s a volunteer firefighter, a model from Vegas, and even someone who came out of a terrible family tragedy – and more! Sarah has an extensive interview process for the job, however, and it involves private time in the back rooms where she can learn just how skilled these men really are…

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