Scavenger Hunt!! Stealing First… Come play! – Ali Parker

Scavenger Hunt!! Stealing First… Come play!

Scavenger Hunt Time!!

So Weston, Me and the CREW have been working tirelessly on some fun things for my brother’s next release! One thing is a Scavenger Hunt, and it begins today!!

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But… here’s the info for today. Hope you love it.

Welcome to our Stealing First Scavenger Hunt.

We thought we would have some fun this week for Mine and Ali’s new release by creating a game for everyone to play. We made up some baseball cards for the 4 main characters in the story and have placed them around the web for you to find.
You gotta find them all, add up the BLUE numbers in the top right corner and the sum/total is something you will submit along with your Name and E-mail address on Monday for a chance to win some COOL prizes.

Check out how the game works:
• There are 5 baseball cards total. The first is below (it’s a FREEBIE) Make sure you work to collect all five cards over the next 5 consecutive days. The links/clues/hints are IN the NEWSLETTERS!
• WHERE are these cards going to be posted? Well, you’ll have to OPEN the Newsletter daily to find out. We’ll have a couple of places EACH day that you can go check out so you don’t miss grabbing your NUMBER from the card!
• Be ready on Monday to submit your info from collecting the CARDS for a chance to win some signed physicals, Amazon gift cards & maybe even a 10 minute facetime conversation with us – Ali and Weston.

Please let us know if you have questions/concerns by e-mailing Mary at

Be on the lookout starting TOMORROW for the second card in the newsletter!! Weston’s or mine. Remember, the first card is BELOW.

Thanks for playing. We hope you love Stealing First… we had a BLAST writing it.

Weston & Ali Parker