Rules – Making the Rules – Ali Parker

Making the Rules

Never Again...

After having his hand slapped and career almost ruined several years back for falling for a student, Dr. Kendal Tarrington is done with love. Especially with the idea of it being with a younger woman. With no other choice, he's forced to start looking for someone to date far outside the scope of the university. The last place he expected to find her was at the hospital.

Dana Young is a double major, business and nursing, and is at the top of her class on both accounts. Her life consists of working hard in her internship at the hospital and wanting far more than she's getting in her current relationship. When a handsome, young professor catches her eye, things began to shift... for the better.

Too bad she's not at all aware of his rules.

+18 Explicit sexual content and foul language.
This is book 1 in a series. A cliffhanger is highly probable.

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"Oh my!!! Ali has done it again. She can get anyone hooked on her books. This book kept me wanting more. I did a re-read before I wrote my review. I swear I had a hard time putting it down."

"Omgosh! So so good! Hot and messy! Great start to a series! Can't wait for more!"

“Making the Rules has it all…romance, heartbreak, hurt, laughter…all making for a fast and enjoyable read. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down!"