Rules – Bending the Rules – Ali Parker

Bending the Rules

With the need for affection… perhaps not all rules are made equal. 

After losing his little sister, Kendal is more in need of a warm body in his bed at night to remind him that life isn’t one loss after the next, but his damn rules… How can he bend the very thing that keeps him safe and forces the past to remain just that… the past?

Dana’s lost as to how to get through to Kendal, and even though changing her schedule for the fall seems like the best course of action, it would add another semester onto her graduation. Surely her and Kendal can move past the misunderstanding over his sister and sneak around right? It’s only eight months

No one is that big of a stickler for the rules, especially when love is involved. No one but Kendal Tarrington. 

+18 Explicit sexual content and foul language.
This is book 2 in a series. A cliffhanger is highly probable.