Romeo For Hire is LIVE! – Ali Parker

Romeo For Hire is LIVE!

It’s the perfect setup for a guy like me. A male escort to help heal a poor girl’s broken heart?

Fuck yes. Count me in. I’ve had my own heart stomped, so I know how it feels.

As a single dad, only one female has my heart–my little girl.

So this is the perfect gig. Heal heartbroken ladies who need to be reminded they’re beautiful. I’m all about it.

I’ll make them see stars and cause their hearts to heal in no time. Hands on, heart off.

Until she shows up. I can’t get her out of my mind, and I don’t want her out of my bed, but I don’t fall in love. No.

Not me. I’m cut out for this job. I’ll be a Romeo for a brokenhearted Juliet. She can have all of me, everything but my heart.

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