Romantic Erotica – Ali Parker

Romantic Erotica

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I’ll be writing Romantic Erotica under Zoe Reid this coming year, and would love you to join me on the journey.

What’s that mean?

It’s like a great Ali Parker novel, but the focus is more on growing through the sensual experience. We’re talking alpha males and strong females, both lost to the desire of sex and leaving out something that most erotica stories forget… love. I can’t help it! Call me a sap, but my stories are SUPER steamy and LOVE always finds it’s way in.

These are shorter novellas so I can release one or two a month and keep up my hectic schedule as 8 other pen names. But for now… This is my Zoe Reid line. Beloved stories with a emphases on passion so hot it hurts.

Hope you enjoy! And if you’d like to be kept up to date on new Erotica releases, giveaways and parties, just click the link below and drop your e-mail into the form to join my Zoe Reid Erotica List!