Audio Right Under My Nose – Ali Parker

Right Under My Nose

My life couldn’t get any more ridiculous. 

A few days ago, my son’s teacher wanted to berate me on my parenting style. I politely told her to f--k off, in so many words. And now? She’s sitting across the table from me at my first blind date in years. 

You can’t make this s--t up. 

Nothing has been easy since my wife left me and Hunter years ago. And yet, we persevered. He’s my whole world, and the last thing I have time for is a woman. 

But this beautiful teacher disagrees. She wants to help me find the right girl for me and my boy. My best friend agrees. It’s time. 

To shut everyone up, I go along with it. How bad can this get?

Don’t ask.  

The right woman has been under my nose the whole time. And without realizing it, I’ve fallen deeply in love with her. I can only hope she’ll stop her silly search and accept my offer. 

Be mine.