Rhys: A Gritty Bad Boy MC is LIVE! – Ali Parker

Rhys: A Gritty Bad Boy MC is LIVE!

I’ve been running too damn long.

Eight months of lonely nights and wasted days, looking, trying to find my place.

And I thought it boiled down to hooking up with a new MC. But it was so much more.

And now, the only girl I’ve ever loved shows up and needs my help.

She’s asking too much.

Her brother’s death years before was my fault, and that loss haunts us both.

Just being around her breaks me.

No f*cking way I can tell her no, but once it’s done, I’m walking away.

She deserves better, and this world I live in is too dangerous for her.

I’d never forgive myself if something happened to her, and my happiness ain’t worth all that.

And yet, I can’t let her go.

No matter how right it is to do it.

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