Release Day for Blythe! A retelling of a classic! – Ali Parker

Release Day for Blythe! A retelling of a classic!

Oh man, I’m stoked about FINALLY getting a good friend of mine and Weston’s to publish her first book! Red and her Wolfe was a fantastic read that me and Weston were super thrilled to help foster with Blythe. Make sure you grab your copy today! It’s 99c and a couple of hours of sexy goodness!

What readers are saying…

“Loved this modern day take on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Everything about this book was great from the plot to the characters.”

“This book was fantastic! so much like a fairy-tale. I could not put it down. The chemistry and story-line were superb!”

Blythe Reid is new to me and I always go into both a fairy tale make-over and a new author with a little trepidation but also a lot of excitement. I absolutely loved Red and her Wolfe. It’s gentle, sweet and beautiful mixed with a huge dose of hot, heavy and exciting. I loved the transition of characters and the fluidity in which they develop. You get drawn in with Lucien & Scarlet through the great descriptive writing and emotional involvement that Blythe Reid builds up in the story. This is a beautiful, romantic, sexy book written with lots of love and passion and it really shows. I look forward to more from Blythe Reid.

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They call me The Wolfe.
I hunt women the way a wolf hunts lambs.

And I just found my latest prey.
She’s a long way from home.
We meet on the plane.
And there’s nothing as vulnerable as a girl who’s homesick after her first trip abroad.

The girls I’m used to want my money and my looks.
This girl is too innocent for either of those things.
She wants me because of the way we lock eyes.
The way we instantly hit it off.
The way we seem to have been made for each other.

And I want her because I’m The Wolfe.
I hunt innocent young women like her.
It’s what I do.

But sometimes, the hunter becomes the hunted.

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