Red and her Wolfe Chapter 1 – Ali Parker

Red and her Wolfe Chapter 1

Red and her Wolfe

Releases on Tuesday 8th

Chapter 1



The air was different as Adam and I stepped off the plane. We finally arrived in Paris, France, and our month-long vacation was about to begin. For weeks, Adam and I planned this trip, eager to escape New York for a little while. We were just one summer away from the start of our senior year, and neither of us were ready for college to end. This trip was our last hurrah, one month of reckless fun to propel us into adulthood. I, for one, could not wait.

“Man, I can’t believe we’re here,” Adam said as we stepped out of the tunnel and emerged inside the airport. “We’re in Paris!”

“Crazy, right?” I said without emotion. I was excited, but not like Adam. While I’d spent my life traveling and having adventures, Adam had been more sheltered. He hadn’t seen much outside of New York.

“Thanks for paying for this,” Adam said softly as we walked. “It means a lot.”

I shrugged. “Hey, I didn’t want to come alone. What fun would that have been?”

Adam laughed. “You’ve got a point. This trip is going to be fucking awesome.”

“Of course, it is,” I said easily. “This is our final escape before the real world takes over. Next year is going to be all about figuring out our lives. After that, who knows when our next adventure will be?”

“Knowing you, it won’t be long,” Adam scoffed. “I know you, Lucien. You can’t go longer than a few weeks without doing something insane.”

“That’s true,” I said, shrugging. “But who knows? Maybe I’ll change this year.”

Adam just snorted and shook his head. I knew he didn’t believe me. Hell, I didn’t believe me, but it sounded good to say. The truth was, I didn’t know what the next year was going to hold for me. Senior year at NYU would be insane in more ways than one. Not only would I have to choose a career for myself, but I would be running the frat for the first time. Just two months ago, I was elected President of Delta Pi. I was already working on some kickass party plans.

“Luggage is late,” Adam said, pointing to a sign above our heads. “We’ll have to wait.”

“There’s a bar over there,” I said, nodding a few feet in front of us.

Adam and I headed to the bar and collapsed on a couple of barstools. The flight was a long one, and neither of us had slept. We were both too energized about being in France for an entire month. We didn’t want to waste a single second sleeping, even on the plane ride. Now though, I wished I’d shut my eyes for a little while because I was already starting to fade.

We ordered a couple beers and sipped them while we waited. Both Adam and I were champion drinkers, but we paced ourselves that day. We didn’t need to start our vacation off with a hangover and jetlag.

“So,” Adam said. “What do you have planned for us this year, Mr. President?”

I rolled my eyes and took a long swig of my beer. Most of the guys had started calling me “Mr. President” the second I was elected. It was annoying, but also oddly empowering. Every time I heard it, a sense of energy surged through my body. This position was meant for me. Since freshman year, I knew I wanted it. Delta Pi was my life. They were my brothers, my family. We did everything together, and I was determined to give them all an amazing year.

“A few things,” I said, shrugging. “Nothing I can talk about just yet. Not until the first meeting.”

“Come on,” Adam whined. “I won’t say anything. Just tell me.”

“You tell me,” I evaded. “What do you want to do this year?”

“Party,” Adam answered simply.

“Well, that’s innovative,” I said. I was being snarky, but I didn’t care. I finished my first beer and ordered another.

Adam shrugged. “I have a few ideas. But I don’t want to step on tradition.”

“Only one party is tradition,” I reminded him. “And you know which one that is.”

“We’re doing it this year?” he asked.

“Every year,” I said firmly. “For over twenty years, Delta Pi has thrown that party. I’d be ousted if I tried to do away with it.”

“Probably true,” Adam said.

“I’m thinking we’ll have ten parties this year,” I said. “One for each month. We’ll make some of them themed, you know? ‘Back to School,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Fucksgiving,’ that kind of thing.”

Adam laughed. “‘Fucksgiving.’ I like it.”

“Thought you would,” I said. “Don’t tell the guys yet. I’ll announce it all at the first meeting, okay?”

I stared at him with authority in my eyes. The last thing I needed was to show favoritism to Adam. If anyone caught wind of the fact that I was letting Adam in on the planning process, I would have a mutiny on my hands. I wanted my term as President to go smoothly. I wanted to be remembered well, as one of the best leaders Delta Pi ever had.

While we sat at the bar, Adam and I continued to drink and discuss plans for the following year. We talked about life after graduation and what we each wanted to do. I wasn’t sure where my life would take me, but I was certain about one thing: I didn’t want to work for my father’s company.

He owned a logging business, Wolfe Logging and Trucking. I’d grown up around the business and knew everything about it, but it didn’t excite me. The idea of spending my entire life working for my dad made me miserable. I couldn’t imagine making that my career.

As we talked, we were joined by a flight attendant who sat a couple stools away from me. She was sexy in an older woman way. When I glanced at her, I saw that she was wearing slightly too much makeup, but her figure was amazing. She looked to be in her late-thirties, but she was still in shape. Her breasts were perky, and her hips had just the right amount of curve to peak my interest.

It wasn’t long before I realized my interest was returned. She glanced at me every few seconds, batting her eyelashes suggestively. I grinned to myself and ordered her a drink. When the bartender placed it in front of her, I raised my own glass and nodded. She smiled gratefully and sipped her drink, all the while flirting with me with her eyes.

I didn’t usually go for older women. The cougar complex wasn’t my style, but I was on vacation, and so far, there hadn’t been much to do. Until our luggage arrived, Adam and I were stuck at the airport. I’d already grown bored with Adam’s conversation, and I longed for a brief reprieve. The sexy flight attendant seemed like the perfect distraction.

“Be right back,” I said, setting my beer down and jumping to my feet. Adam frowned but didn’t say a word.

I closed the distance between myself and the flight attendant easily. She grinned at me as I approached, but I didn’t smile back. Instead, I fixed my dark brown eyes on her hazel ones and leaned close to her.

“Did you like the drink?” I asked.

“It was delicious,” she said, smiling and lifting her empty glass. “Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure,” I said. “I wondered if you might take a walk with me.”

“I’d love to,” she said without hesitation.

I took her hand and led her away from the bar. Adam watched us go with an amused expression. He and I both knew what this woman wanted from me, and it wasn’t quality conversation. She took one look at my young, muscular body and decided I was her meat of the day. As we walked through the airport, I kept my eyes peeled for a deserted corridor. When I found it, I pulled her into a bathroom.

“You don’t waste any time,” she said appreciatively.

“Would you rather talk a while?” I asked sincerely, my dark eyes staring deeply into hers. “I can be a perfect gentleman if you’d like.”

While I spoke, I stepped closer to her, running my fingertips up her arm. She shivered at my touch, and I could feel desire radiating off her. She wanted my cock… badly.

“No,” she whispered. “I don’t want a gentleman.”

I glanced around to make sure the bathroom was empty. Once I was certain it was, I locked the outer door and turned back to face her. She watched me closely, her breathing becoming ragged already. Just my presence was enough to turn her on.

I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against me. She was short. Shorter than I first thought, but that didn’t matter. At six foot, one inch, I was used to being the tallest person in the room. With her body pressed firmly against me, I could feel the curve of her breasts. My hands gripped her hips, and I kissed her hungrily.

There wasn’t time for slow and gentle. We could be interrupted at any moment. I kissed her roughly, shoving my tongue in her mouth and moving my hands to her blouse. In one motion, I ripped her buttons apart, letting her breasts burst free. She wore a red, lacy bra that looked amazing against her olive skin.

Shoving her bra aside, I pushed her back against the bathroom wall and took her nipple in my mouth. She gasped while I sucked on her, my teeth pulling gently. My other hand slid down her leg to the hem of her skirt. I lifted it up quickly, searching for her panties. When I found them, I yanked them down, and she let them slide to her ankles.

Her movement and moans told me she wanted this just as much as I did. We were strangers who would probably never meet again, and that, more than anything, was my motivation. I turned her around, pressing her breasts and face against the wall. Quickly, I pulled my erection free from my jeans and pulled a condom out of my pocket. In seconds, I was inside of her.

She rocked her hips backward, pressing herself against me. My thrusts were hard and rough, and she fucking loved it.

I groaned. “I love the sound of your pussy sucking at me, pretty girl.”

“I love how good you fuck me,” she murmured sensually. “Harder. Fuck me harder. I’m so close to coming.”

“Fuck yeah,” I growled and slammed into her harder than ever. She moaned and slapped her hands against the wall.

I could feel myself getting close, and I wanted her to finish first. Reaching my hand around her front, I found her clit and massaged her while I continued to thrust inside her. The noises she made were too much. When she screamed out her orgasm, I came right behind her, thrusting one last time and pulsing inside of her.

She was panting when I pulled out and discarded the condom. By the time she turned around, I’d already put myself away and was in the middle of washing my hands. She stared at me greedily while she pulled her panties back up and tried to button her torn blouse as best she could.

“Well,” she said. “I didn’t expect that to happen today.”

“Surprise,” I said, grinning and turning back around to face her.

“You want my number?” she asked. “We can have a few more surprises like that.”

“No,” I said simply and left the bathroom. The sound of her letting out an aggravated gasp wasn’t the first time I’d let someone down… and it wouldn’t be the last for sure.

When I made it back to the bar, Adam was sitting in the same spot, nursing his beer. I slid on the barstool beside him without a word. He glanced at me and snickered, shaking his head.

“What?” I asked.

“So much for ‘changing’ this year,” he said. I grinned and ordered another drink.