Streets #2- Outrunning Life – Ali Parker

Outrunning Life

Living life in the fast lane. One day at a time. 

Never thought I’d get away from racing cars and turf wars, but I have. 

If someone had told me I’d be opening a shelter for wayward teens, I’d have called them a liar. 

But they’d have been right.
Unfortunately, it was naive to think the rumble of tires eating up asphalt wouldn’t come looking for me. 

A guy like me can’t hide from that life for long.

Especially not when the winnings could change the lives of the kids I’m trying like hell to save. 

As if I wasn’t busy enough, the beautiful club owner of Ascension just happened to pop up in my life.

The sexy thing walks circles around me in her leather jacket and heels.

And I thought it was about winning a race. It’s not. 

It’s about the woman of my dreams outrunning life with me, now and forever.