Streets #1- Outracing Demons – Ali Parker

Outracing Demons

Hot. Fast. Dangerous.

Only two things are capable of sating my hunger: racing and women.

I’m a devil behind the wheel, and there isn’t another man in New York City who can beat me.

Nor any dumb enough to try.

But there was a woman who could. My ex-wife, Evie.

And she did. F*cked me up real good.

Thanks to her, I gave up my dream of racing, but I can’t run from fate forever.

The evil bastards at her side have taken over the underground racing scene, but I’m diving back in deep.

With my focus on the road, the last thing I need is a distraction, but that’s just what Laina is.

My best friend’s little sister feels off limits, until she isn’t.

Perfect curves and a smile that could melt hearts, this woman has me wanting to say yes from the start.

She’s relentless and drives me mad with the desire to be bad one more time—just for her.

I might be outracing demons, but I’m not running from anything.

Not me. Not ever again.