Bancroft- #2 Our Twisted Love Affair – Ali Parker

Our Twisted Love Affair


I’m in love with the wrong girl.

Our fathers were arch enemies in business. Hate was the center of their wicked relationship.

Not only that, but she’s my best friend’s little sister. 

The cards couldn’t be more stacked against us. 

One I’m counting on to hold steady. 

If I wasn’t married at thirty-five, then this beautiful girl would become my bride. 

But her career is more important. I’m a billionaire, so I get it. 

There’s only so much a man can take, though. 

Best of luck to her in her journey. 

Fate isn’t so friendly, though. She’s carrying a secret. 

My baby. 

Our Romeo and Juliet story twists around every bend, but I’ll be damned if my girl isn’t going to get her happily ever after. 

I’m a Bancroft, and we get what we want. 

When we want it. 

All I want is her.

This is a stand-alone, ending with a HEA.