Our Trip to New Orleans – Ali Parker

Our Trip to New Orleans

New Orleans

The Stay

We arrived in New Orleans on Sunday afternoon and checked into out Hotel, The Omni Royal Orleans.  First off this Hotel is AMAZING and only one block from Bourbon Street (for all you partiers).

It is an over the top service hotel that takes you back to the golden days of travel.  The bell man open the door and takes your luggage all the way to your room for you.  Had to stop him from putting the items up for me;). Made me feel like royalty!!

From our balcony room we were able to experience the liveliness of the city and enjoy the scenery.

What to do?

Plenty do do in New Orleans but I would recommend that you go tour some Sugar Cane Plantation Homes!! We have always wanted to do this and this time we did. Here are the ones we went to…

San Fransisco Plantation – This was our Favorite tour.  Ask for Dudley.  We also told him he may make a cameo in a future book!! He does a great job of giving you the history of not only the people but the items, location and use of the home.

Laura: A Creole Plantation – This plantation tour is very informative about the personal history of those that lived and worked at this plantation.

Oak Alley Plantation – This was the largest and most picturesque plantation out of all of them.  The house was closed for training during our visit but the ground and restaurant were lovely.  The front entrance is the pathway with large oak trees that has to be seen in person to grasp the scale.

Houmas House Plantation and Gardens – This is a plantation that is a current residence and has been restored beautifully. There are several restaurants on the property along with large gardens.


The  FOOD Experience

I have to say that we are both FOODIES to the core and search out a restaurant menu before even seeing where it is located. Below I will list many of the restaurants that we ate at along with the menu items we recommend:)



Breakfast –

Ruby Slipper Cafe –

Pancakes (All Varieties!!!), Eggs Benedict (classic), and Candied Bacon

Cafe Fleur De Lis

The Big Easy Breakfast. Make sure to add the candied bacon:)

Monkey Monkey – Wonderful Coffee and Bagels. Best Chocolate Chip cookies!!!!


Lunch/Dinner –

Creole Cookery – Crab Maison (appetizer), Taste of New Orleans.  Gives you a taste of the cities signature dishes. End the dinner with their take on Key Lime Pie!

NOLA (Emeril’s Restaurant)

Smoked Crab Cheesecake Boulettes, Buttermilk Fried Chicken (side of sweet potatoes was better than the chicken), Candied Bacon Creme Brûlée (mmmmmmm)

Pizza Dominica – Have to get the Garlic bites. They are served with whipped cheese. Sounds different but one of the best appetizers ever eaten. We got the Fall Squash and Ricotta as well.  Finished it up with the Burrata Pizza.


Coffe/Dessert –

Cafe Beignet – Coffee of all kinds and light airy beignets. Great location and beautiful building. (Best Beignets!!)

Cafe Du Monde – Historical beignet cafe (Little denser dough than others).  Free seating and fast friendly service.  Remember CASH only!!

SpitFire Coffee – Great bold Flavors (serious coffee drinkers only), only two stools in the shop but wonderful to grab and go.

Monkey Monkey –  Great neighborhood coffee shop with bagels and muffins and of course sweets.  Had the best chocolate chip cookies we have had since the local bakery where we grew up!!