One week until Breaking the Rules!!!!!!!! – Ali Parker

One week until Breaking the Rules!!!!!!!!



Morning! Noon! Night! (Wherever you are in the world!)

We FINALLY have a date for Breaking the Rules, The Rules #3. It’s the final book in a trilogy that I’ve enjoyed writing immensely. Dr. Kendal Tarrington, who’s the best friend of Damon Bryant from my Alpha Billionaire Series, is a professor who just can’t stop getting in trouble with the rules.

No dating students.

He learned his lesson years ago, and decided never to date anyone even associated with the University again. It seems fate has it out for this poor guy though.

He’s a beloved book boyfriend among my uber fans. They adore this guy and I admit, I sure do to.

Check out the details on Book 3, Breaking the Rules, which releases on Tuesday, March 14th!

One week from today! #SOEXCITED!

If you haven’t started on this 5-star journey with us, please pick up book on for FREE on me to see if you like where its headed.

But now… Breaking the Rules

Dr. Kendal Tarrington has a deep hole to dig himself out of. There’s nothing more that he wants than a loving relationship and the promise of a future spent beside the sexy little nurse that has all of his attention. Too bad she’s not returning his calls again. After their last blow up, they’re both hurting and confused.

He’s going to need to break the rules if he expects his relationship with Dana to take center stage in his life. With as badly as he wants love, there shouldn’t be anything he’s not willing to do to get it.

Releasing: Tuesday, March 14th!!

  • Denise Neff says:

    Can’t wait for BREAKING THE RULES last book!!!!!!!

    • Ali Parker says:

      LOL!! Me too! It turned out so good. I cried, laughed and felt like… yeah. That’s the ending they deserved. I love Kendal Tarrington so damn much! <3 Thanks for reaching out, Denise. I pray you LOVE it when you get it.

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