The Night Is Young #2- One More Time – Ali Parker

One More Time

The boys are back, and the most jaded of all is up.

Not sure why my brother decided love was more important than the band, but he’s an idiot.

I’ve had nothing but trouble with women. I’ve never been focused on the “right” things.

You know, family, settling down, kids, security.

I’m the bad boy of the group and looking for a thrill. Always.

Yet my brother’s new fiancée’s sister might just change that, and me.

She’s an entertainment reporter who got her start thanks to our band. Something about her drives me wild.

But then she finds out she’s carrying my baby but decides to keep it from me.

Cause I’m not that type of guy.

I might just surprise us both. Forever with the right woman is looking better and better.

Maybe I’ll give love a chance, one more time.