One More Night Teaser! – Ali Parker

One More Night Teaser!

As a kid, I listened to the great musicians of my time. Of all the legendary artists, Tom Waits said words that always stuck with me, “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” Music is my escape from reality.

My band, Destitute, never had an easy road to the top, but we fought and hustled to become the biggest band coming out of LA. People see me as arrogant and wild, but I’ve worked hard to solidify my title as the Emperor of Rock.

Woman come and go like the wind. It’s part of the lifestyle, and I embrace it. They are all looking to have their slice of our pie, and I’m not naive to that fact. No woman is going to keep me from my dream, though.

When our new PR agent comes into my life, it feels like my world has been shaken. She is strong, independent, and nothing like any woman I’ve ever met. I have a rule about never getting involved with people that are in the business, but you know what they say about rules.

Release Date: Jan 23rd