No Way in Hay’ll Cover Reveal – Ali Parker

No Way in Hay’ll Cover Reveal

The Not You Again Series returns with No Way in Hay'll. It's coming soon!


I’m cursed.

One minute, I’m hooking up with the sexy bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding.

And the next?

I’m out in farm country as a personal favor.

And whose farm does it happen to be?


The bridesmaid who has owned my thoughts—among other things—for weeks now.

But me and her?

We could never work.

She’s country through and through.

I’m a city boy.

Give me fast cars and designer suits over hay and farm animals.

The smell.

The repetitive days.

But the girl.

She’s my end game in a pair of cowgirl boots.

It all started with a wedding.

Maybe it will end that way too.

Unless me and her were only ever meant for that one night.