New Ali and Weston Parker – Street Racer Series – Ali Parker

New Ali and Weston Parker – Street Racer Series

What Lies Beneath, The Street Racer Series Prequel


Chapter One


Something woke me dead out of my sleep. A sound. Someone calling me.

“Mason, please? Please baby?” The voice so soft I almost ignored it. “Mason!”

I jerked up in the darkness and reached for my wife. “Evie. What’s wrong, baby?”

Moving toward her, I pulled her around and shook her softly. She looked like a goddess, her hair a fucking dark mess, her lips swollen from me sucking and kicking at them during our long love making session earlier that night. The tight, white tank top she wore was turned enough for half her tit to be hanging out the side. Lust burned through me at the sight of her. She had way of making me want more than I should. Scary enough, she usually spoiled me with anything and everything. Especially her affection.

“Mason?” She reached for me and turned over, her voice sleepy. “I had a nightmare.”

“It’s alright. I’m right here.” I pulled at the covers and moved on top of her, taking my favorite spot – between her legs. “I’m not going anywhere, Angel.”

“I thought you were back with Down and Dirty, racing those fucking cars again.” She wrapped her taut arms around my neck and pulled me in for a long, probing kiss.

I reached between us and gripped my half-erect cock, coaxing it into her tight body. Something about dominating her in the bedroom kept us good outside of it, especially when life threw us curve ball after curve ball.

“I’m not going back to racing. You know that.” I slid my hands between the bed and her warm, soft skin until I gripped her ass tightly. It would take more than a few thrusts, and she’d be wet and ready for me. The woman was insatiable and had been since we were in college. The day I met her, I knew that she was supposed to be mine. Ten years later, not a goddamn thing had changed.

“That feels so good,” she moaned her words as her nails traced down the outside of my spine, pressing in a little. “I’m still sore from last night.”

“Good. You should always be sore between your thighs. If you’re not, I’m not doing my job right.” I licked up the side of her neck and rolled my hips, massaging her pussy down deep where she liked it. “No more bad dream, hm?”

“Just don’t stop.” She lifted her hips and pulled back, stroking my dick and teasing the tip. “I want a family. Come a few more times for me?”

“Anything you want, Angel.” I squeezed her ass one more time before moving up to press my hands into the bed and work her. The headboard beat against the wall as she moaned and gripped the sheets below me. Her tits jiggled with each thrust, and I wanted to move back down and lick and suck on her nipples, but she’d just push me back up. She was obsessed with getting pregnant for some reason. It’d only been about a week since the madness started, but I wasn’t going to complain. The woman was on my cock twenty-four seven. I was even getting a little sore.

It was fucking awesome.

“That’s it,” I mumbled and reached up to the headboard as I lifted up even higher. Her moans grew into whimpers, and she locked up tight as her first orgasm hit. The sound of her scream lit me on fire. Never in a million years would I love another woman the way I loved her. She was mine forever, and it was the only relationship, outside of my friendship with Benji, that stood the test of time.

“Here. Stay here with me.” She reached up and slapped the side of my face just hard enough that I was forced out of my head.

“Turn over. I wanna touch your ass.” I moved back, pulling my swollen shaft out of her wet body. “And moan louder like a good girl.”

She laughed and swatted at me. I couldn’t help but smile as she did as she was told. Fierce and independent, and yet she knew when to bow down to me. Funny enough, I responded much the same as she did. There wasn’t a thing in the world I couldn’t get for her if she asked.

“Spank me a little.” She pressed back, rolling her hips and rubbed her ass down my shaft.

I ran my hand up her back and grabbed a thick handful of her black hair. “From good to bad in a matter of seconds. You always keep me guessin’, Angel.”

“Am I an angel?” Her tone darkened, and my balls tightened.

She wasn’t just one thing, but many. Each part of her drew me in deeper.

“Not at all.” I gripped my cock and pressed the thick head of it into her pussy before thrusting forward. I impaled her and bumped my hips against her thick ass, loving the way it shook as I rode her slow and deep.

“Fuck, Mason,” she whispered and arched her back hard.

I pulled on her hair, forcing her into a submissive position before popping her ass hard and thrusting again. “Come for me.”

“I am. I will. Make me.” She tucked her hips and milked my dick as I gritted my teeth. The little bitch was going to have me bent over shaking if I wasn’t careful. She had that power, and for it, she was a goddess to me.

“Not a problem.” I leaned over and pressed my cock back into her as I licked my way up her spine to where my hand gripped her hair. I jerked hard, and she whimpered and turned her face as I wanted her too. “Play with your clit for me.”

“Yeah.” She pressed back against me, bobbing on my dick as her fingers danced around the top of her slit. They grazed the base of my cock a few times as I pumped my hips forward over and over again. It was more than enough to have my eyes rolling back in my head and my body aching for release.

Surely, there was nothing left to give her seeing that I’d released ten times in the last two days inside of her, but she seemed to think differently.

“God, baby.” I moved back to my knees and released my hold on her hair. I pressed my short nails into her back and grated her skin lightly as I moved back down to grip both of her thick ass cheeks, one in each hand. I pulled a little, opening her up and picked up my pace, fucking her hard and fast like she liked it. Her sweet back entrance tightened and released as if beckoning me to have a little fun with it too.

I moaned and brushed my thumbs over her ass, pressing in just a little each time to tease her.

“Mason!” she screamed as she thrashed against me and came – hard.

“Joining you, baby. Don’t stop. Milk that fat cock for me, Evie.”

“Fuck.” She pressed back and fucked me right over the edge. The world blew apart around me, and nothing existed but my beautiful girl, moaning and whimpering, her body my playground, her heart my home.

Life couldn’t have been better.




I jerked back up and gasped. “What? What’s wrong?”

 Evie stood beside the bed in a yellow sundress, her smile sweet, her eyes loving. “I have to go. I left you a surprise in the bathroom.”

“What?” I lifted an eyebrow and smirked. “Not like the surprises that Ben leaves in the bathroom at the office, right?” The bastard loved to fuck with me and not flush the toilet after a big shit. He was gross. We all were.

“No!” She swatted at me and laughed. “I love you. Check it out when you get up. I’ll see you later today, okay?”

“Alright, baby.” I reached up and pulled her down for a long kiss. “I hate that you had a nightmare last night, but wake me up anytime it happens. I got just what you need.”

She smiled against my lips. “You’re corrupt.”

“I once was, but you saved me.” I kissed her again before falling back into the bed. I watched her go as my heart swelled in my chest. I’d given up everything for her, most of my friends, my street racing team, my hood life, and drugs. She was my saving grace and the reason I was a good man. Or pretended to be.

The idea of a surprise in the bathroom had me getting up almost the minute I heard the door click shut. Was she pregnant?

I jogged into the bathroom and found the little pregnancy test strip. Picking it up, my heart almost stopped in my chest. Pregnant.

“I’m going to be a daddy?” I glanced up and looked in the mirror. My own father hadn’t been a part of my life ever. He’d chosen to live a life of crime and drugs until the cops finally caught up with him. A life sentence for killing a man. I never wanted to be him or have my son be raised by another man. Not ever. “I’m going to be a daddy.”

The realization that Evie might still be in the parking lot had me hustling on a pair of pants and running for the door. I wanted to pull her into my arms and spin her around. We were going to be a family. It had been her dream for a long ass time, and here it was.

I flung the door open and raced out into the hall of our apartment complex only to stop short as I stepped on something sharp. Tweezers. Shit was scattered everywhere, the contents of someone’s purse. My eyes moved to the end of the mess, and I realized whose purse it was.


“Baby?” I tore off down the hall and stopped at the stairs to peer out into the parking lot. “Evie? Evelyn?”


Turning, I raced down the stairs and almost busted my ass. Luckily enough, I caught myself and made it to the bottom floor with nothing more than a scraped toe. The pure panic that filled my chest was far more painful. It was impossible to breathe. Who the fuck had my wife?

“Evie?” I screamed and raced out into the parking lot. Her Toyota Camry sat in its usual spot, but she was nowhere to be found. I ran around, screaming her name as people started to come out of their apartments. I glanced up as my voice shook.

“Have you seen my wife? Five foot, three inches, probably a hundred and fifteen pounds? Black hair and she was wearing a pretty yellow sundress. Anyone?” I had to have looked like a madman.

No one had seen a thing.

I raced back up to my apartment and grabbed a shirt, shoes and my phone. I called the only person I knew to call.

My best friend. Ben.


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