Check out what people think about Need You Now… – Ali Parker

Check out what people think about Need You Now…

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Check out what people are saying about Need You Now...

"They dynamic duo has done it again. This is one book that will captivate your heart and won’t let go. A well written enemies to lovers’ book that will have you saying “WOW” or at least it did me. "

"Ali & Weston Parker did a great job writing this captivating interesting entertaining book it grabs you from beginning to end. I definitely recommend to get this very well written book. In it I lived the journey Hayden and Colt take you on. It has all the feels, you can't put it down until finished reading. So well worth the read, it's a must have book for sure."

"Another great read by Ali and Weston Parker. The characters, Haven and Colton, are well developed and have amazing chemistry. The story is interesting, well written, and includes a beautiful happily ever after."