Need You Now – Ali Parker

Need You Now

The most beautiful girl in the world, and she’s fiery mad at me. 

It’s not really my fault. I’m a reporter. Digging up stories is my job. 

Never in a million years did I expect my latest piece to create an enemy out of the one woman I’d give anything to date. 

She’s tough, beautiful, and tied to my past in a way I didn’t imagine possible. 

The world should know that she’s also generous, the center of a big story on a large donation to the town festival in her dad’s name.

But she’s not interested in the limelight or attention. 

She wants to take care of the animals in her care and give back any chance she can.

I, on the other hand, want a chance at love. 

And there’s not much I won’t do to make that happen. 

She might be appeasing me to keep her story safe, but I’m on the hunt for far more than a headline. 

I need her now. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.