Bancroft- #1 My Last Love Affair – Ali Parker

My Last Love Affair


Get Married. Have a child.

These are the only two rules to get my inheritance. 

Neither of which I want. My billionaire life doesn’t play well with either idea. 

But no one asked me. My father’s company is up for grabs, and whichever of my brothers makes it to the finish line first wins. 

In no time, I’ve found the perfect woman to play my fake fiancée while I figure things out. 

Beautiful. Smart. Strong.

Everything I crave in a relationship and more. 

But there’s a problem. She’s got a past I can’t ignore. 

Not with just anyone. 

With my younger brother. 

To top it all off, she gets pregnant.

And the one person she doesn’t tell? 


This is a stand-alone, ending with a HEA.