My First Love by Weston Parker Blurb! – Ali Parker

My First Love by Weston Parker Blurb!

Release Date: March 20th

 She was my first. My only.

That part never changed.

I ran from a life that should have been mine, joined the military, and became someone for the first time in my life.

The memories of walking my girl down the aisle to another man still haunt me, though, all these years later.

I should have fucking said something then. We both should have.

A surprise attack on my platoon left me wounded and headed back to an old reality.

One where she was all I wanted.

Without her ex in the picture, I’m going full throttle.

She’s a single mom, and her little one is as precious as she is.

They both should have been mine, and they will be.

My first love. My only love.


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