My Creative Billionaire 3 is HERE!!!! – Ali Parker

My Creative Billionaire 3 is HERE!!!!

We finally can see how Erica and Matt move past all the drama!!!

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Ali Parker did an amazing job with this series and I’m sad to see it end but oh my gosh it was AMAZING!

Wow! Great! Awesome! I loved this series!

Ali is outstanding yet again. Her series is amazing and a perfect ending to a great series.




What has Erica done?

In an effort to keep Matt’s pride intact and his artistic success a bright light in his life, she makes the ultimate sacrifice. Trading herself for him.

But how in the hell could such a thing ever work out? Will she sleep with Mitch and fulfill her promise? Or will she find another way out of the tight spot she’s in?

One thing remains true. She made her decision based on love, and she’d do it again and again and again.

Love will reign supreme for these two, but come found out how it plays out in this final novel of the Bryant’s and their beloved, bestselling Billionaire series.

Final novel in a trilogy. HEA guaranteed.
+18 due to explicit language and sexual content

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