Money for Love Series – Ali Parker

Money for Love Series

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Lexy Timms


Ali Parker


Hundred Reasons

Money for Love Series #1

Declan Gamble cares about two things–his daughter and his company. Nothing can compete with the devotion he shows to both. Until the day Alex Tanner appears in his life.

Struggling to keep her late father’s repair shop afloat, Alex doesn’t have time for anything else. When she isn’t repairing motorcycles, she’s dreaming up ways to continue doing so. She won’t let anything stand in her way.

Failure is not an option, and she’s determined to make things work without asking for help from anyone. So, when Declan Gamble saunters into her shop, she can’t possibly prepare for the impact he will have on not only her business, but her life.

The man is too sexy for his own good.


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“Five Amazing Stars. I completely adored to read book one, Money for love.”

“Strong characters, beautiful writing – steamy scenes, perfect chemistry and emotional throughout. I can’t wait to read book 2!”

“What a way to deliver, but deliever they did. I love both Ali and Lexy’s work as individual authors but put them together and you come up with a force to be reckoned with.”






Forging Thousands

Money for Love Series #2

Tanner Bikes is now owned and operated by Alex Tanner and the Gamble Brothers. Sharing her father’s legacy was never part of Alex’s plan. Every part of her is screaming to revoke Declan’s ownership and make the shop what it was always meant to be–hers.

But her budding relationship with Declan weakens her resolve at every turn. She can no longer ignore the feelings she has for him, or for his daughter Mila. How can she honor her father’s legacy and continue a relationship with the man she’s grown to need?

Lust turns to love, but is love really enough?





Making Millions

Money for Love Series #3


Alex is reeling from the revelation about her mother. Everything she thought she knew is a lie. And suddenly, her decision to end things with Declan feels like a mistake. As she fights through her own insecurities, she must also fight for Declan’s forgiveness.

All Declan Gamble ever wanted was to protect his little girl. He believed Alex was the woman destined to become Mila’s mother, but when she steps out of their lives, he struggles with questions he never wanted to answer. And with the arrival of a new woman, Declan’s inner struggle extends beyond his family and interferes with the family business.

Torn between love and doubt, Declan will be forced to make a decision that will change his life forever.