Money Can’t Buy Love…2 days until Release – Ali Parker

Money Can’t Buy Love…2 days until Release

Money Can’t Buy Love

By Ali Parker

Release Date: August 22nd

Enjoy this excerpt from Money Can’t Buy love

“You taste good, Rainey,” Michael murmured against my lips. I leaned into him and indulged in the delicious feel of his tongue rolling past mine.

When he broke the kiss, I tightened my grip on him, not wanting this to end. He moved out from under me and forced me to turn, forcing me to fall on my butt. He propped himself over me and started kissing my neck, dragging his lips along the slope of my neck.

I sucked in a breath when his fingertips slipped under my shirt and brushed over my belly button before moving up to my breasts. Thankfully I had on my best lacy bra and panties set. Funny enough I’d bought them from the clearance section. A million questions ran through my mind as warning bells went off. He was my boss. I needed this job. Fuck. His fingertips slipped under my bra and he cupped my breast, kneading it as I lost the capacity to breathe.

There were so many lines drawn between us that I’d already crossed but there was one in particular that I wasn’t ready to do just yet. If I let him continue then I wasn’t sure I’d have the willpower to stop this from going all the way. “Michael,” I said breathlessly. My mind and body were at war with each other. My body wanted him to keep touching me forever. But my mind warned that we couldn’t go too far or else there would be serious consequences.

“What is it?” He licked just under my ear, and the world melted. I wasn’t going to be able to force him to stop. Shit. I had to. I needed the job way more than I needed a great lay.

He kissed me again and it took every ounce of strength for me to speak between kisses. “I um—I don’t think—”

He sat up and looked at me. I wanted to melt into his blue eyes. A hint of worry flashed over them. “We shouldn’t do this. You’re right.”

“Wait. I didn’t say-” He nodded as comprehension dawned. “No, but you were thinking it, and you’re right. Forgive me. I got lost in your eyes.”

God. Did I really just mess this up? I did. I hated myself all of a sudden.

He lifted my chin with his finger. “It’s all good. You’re right.” He adjusted his body until he was sitting up, propping his feet on the ottoman as I had. He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “Let’s set us back on course.”

“Okay. Yeah. I’d like that.” I sounded like a teenage girl who was caught sneaking out of the house. Ugh.


  • Bobbie says:

    Can’t wait for next book

  • Diane Grevemberg says:

    Good read

  • Joan says:

    Very good book loved it

  • Joan says:

    Very good book I have been hooked from the start of this book until the last page Can’t hardly wait until book2 ofMoney can’t buy LOVE comes out

  • Joan says:

    Can’t hardly wait for book 2 of Money Can’t buy Lo9ve

  • Kristen says:

    Loved the first book

  • Aane Beaton says:

    Enjoyed… Cannot wait for book 2

  • Season hale says:

    Ready for the next part!

  • Venessa McKnight says:

    I love the storyline so far. I can definitely relate to the single mom dilemma.

  • Alenka strdin kosir says:

    I am enjoying the book very much. Cannot wait to continue.

  • Rosa papel says:

    Great story line

  • Lynn says:

    I loved the book ? it made smile !!

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