Casanova Club #12- Max – Ali Parker



These men have to stop surprising me.

It’s the eleventh month of the year. After this I only have to get through one more bachelor; one more test of the strength of my heart and will.

One more goodbye.

But first I have this new bachelor to contend with: Max Fisher.

At first I thought spending November with the CEO of a massive tech company would be an easy one. He’d spend all his time at work and we wouldn’t have time to fall for each other. I never expected him to carve out dedicated time for me and to make it so... romantic.

Max Fisher has more up his sleeve than he lets on.

And I’m the one who’s going to pay the price for it.

Why can’t love leave me well enough alone? I don’t want it. It’s not why I joined the Casanova Club in the first place. And yet it continues to circle me like vultures intent on picking at my bones as I shrivel up and die a slow death from the guilt of keeping my secret from the men I’ve fallen in love with.

Yes. Men. Plural.

At the end of December I will be a million dollars richer. I will choose the money over love as I promised my parents I would.

And the men who made me into a better woman will hate me for my betrayal.

Max included.