Last chance and testimonials… – Ali Parker

Last chance and testimonials…

Check out what people are saying about Always Making Waves...

"Always Making Waves. Another great story to this series. It handles several different issues women are subjected to but aren't listened to. The characters were believable and handled the situations they got into with a lot of respect. Clara develops several health issues because of an incident in her past that she doesn't tell anyone about until she nearly dies. To her rescue comes Dillon, an Omega as well as a friend in her English class. But at first she hates him because he makes her fail English and the Omega House is where everything happens that puts her on the path of destruction. I felt the story was well written and brought out is that happen to young ladies on campus all the time but never addressed until too late. Believing the victim is important. Great read!"

"Another great read by Weston and Ali Parker. Clara and Dillon are interesting, well-developed characters with chemistry. The story is interesting, well-written, with a happily ever after"

"Dillon has been waiting for Clara to notice him for two years. Last semester he bombed out on a partner project in English and they both failed. Now they’re partnered again and she hopes he doesn’t bail again. Dillon can’t control his feelings for her. It’s a slow go, but it is so worth the wait. It’s the real deal. He is falling for her big-time and she is falling right behind him. This book makes you feel like you’ve been pulled into a hug that you needed for two years and love like you never thought you would ever get. Wonderful as always from Ali and Weston Parker.."